GF Val Érable (Maple Valley) Cake


Transport yourself to the nostalgic warmth of roasting marshmallows over a bonfire with our torched meringue maple buttercream. Then, unveil a rich woody maple aroma with our candy cap mushroom cake. And, experience maple in a way you never knew was possible with our maple wine caramel.

Made with:

✓ Domaine Acer's Val Ambré Maple Wine

✓ Domaine Acer's Maple Sugar

✓ Walnuts from Fergus, Ontario

✓ Candy Cap Mushrooms Foraged in Newfoundland

✓ Foraged Sweet Gale Catkins

✓ Forbes Wild Foods' Dark Maple Syrup

Experience the Canadian wilderness with your palette.

Free pick-up is available near the core of downtown Toronto at: 

pick-up icon 389 Front St. W.

Delivery is available in Toronto and parts of the GTA for $10-40.

For orders outside Toronto and the GTA, your order will be shipped. Only cookies can be shipped. Orders are typically received 3 days after being shipped and can be shipped to anywhere in Canada and parts of the USA. Fees range from $30 - 40. More info here.

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