My name is Dannah Melad, I am one of the co-founder's and pastry chef of the bakery. Next to me is my partner Kevin Allan, co-founder and manager.

Kevin’s dad has been diagnosed with celiac disease for 7 years and so our mission at the time was to make him the BEST gluten-free cookies he’s ever tasted. So, in Kevin’s dad’s kitchen during the summer of 2020, we began working on the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. We spent countless weeks baking and tweaking our recipe. The flours, the sugars, the chocolate, everything had to be perfect. In a way, we’re thankful for this pandemic because it allowed us to spend time on what is now our most cherished recipe.

Once we had our GF Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, we thought “why stop there?” If we could bring an experience so significant that a person is able to escape his life with restrictions for a moment, we need to share it with others. From there we created our Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and expanded our menu.

With our combined knowledge of business and culinary arts, we wanted to share the unique experiences that develop from the foods we share with the people in our lives. Starting off small with just our family members, to shipping orders across Canada for a client’s special gift for her son, we only hope to spread our community further.

Our focus is simple. To highlight the ingredients we use and the community behind them. We establish relationships with all our suppliers to ensure all our desserts achieve excellence. Our menu is always rotating to guarantee the freshest ingredients of the season. We work with small local businesses across Ontario to not only support, but also celebrate the community behind the Toronto Food Scene.

We are operating right from our kitchen in downtown Toronto, with the goal of opening up our own physical storefront this summer. We hope to open our doors to more people, and build long-lasting relationships with our beloved customers. Shop now to help us build this community and establish Toronto’s next great bakery.

Thank you,

Dannah Melad
Co-founder/Pastry Chef
Vanilla Bite