Salted Caramel Vanilla Bean Cake


3 layers of moist and fluffy cake with:

✓ House-made salted caramel in between layers

✓ Premium Madagascar vanilla bean-infused buttercream

✓ Finished with house-made maple toffee and honeycomb

Enjoy the blissful harmony of rich salted caramel and gentle vanilla bean

4": 8 servings

6" (2-layer): 8 servings

6": 12 servings

8": 20 servings

12"x8": 24 servings

10": 30 - 35 servings

Free pick-up is available near the core of downtown Toronto at: 

pick-up icon 389 Front St. W.

Delivery is available in Toronto and parts of the GTA for $10-40.

For orders outside Toronto and the GTA, your order will be shipped. Only cookies can be shipped. Orders are typically received 3 days after being shipped and can be shipped to anywhere in Canada and parts of the USA. Fees range from $30 - 40. More info here.

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